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Shenzhen RuiErSheng Technology Co Ltd founded in 2009 is a diversified company majoring in the R&D of smartphone, tablet and accessory with 6 years of cell phone integration expertise. VKWORLD is the mobile phone brand under the lead of the company. Honored as Excellent Supplier, the company had marched into the Europe market and entered the field of E-commerce, providing lots of well-received phones. With further expansion and cooperation from, the company has gained tremendous popularity and many models like have appeared in many famous forums and websites. In the near future, the company will continue to provide more and more terrific models and explore the market of America, South Asia and South-East Asia. Moreover, the company will spare no effort to enhance its development in E-commerce to create a win-win situation for itself and its partners. 

Corporate Culture: RuiErSheng is a young, dynamic and diverse company whose pursuits are efficiency, brilliance, as well as better services. The company puts the benefit of customers in priority, provides excellent products with competitive prices and treats the staff like friends and families.

2009--Shenzhen RuiErSheng Technology Co Ltd founded in the city of Shenzhen;
2011--honored as Excellent Supplier;
2012--entered into E-commerce and cooperated with many famous online stores like Gearbest and Banggood;
2013--marched into Spanish market and supplied mobile phones for more than 1500 stores;
2014--continued to work with more partners and expanded the production line;
2014--opened the door to Russian market;
2015--provided many popular models like VK700X, Discovery S1 and S2; 
2015--began to penetrate into India and South-East Asia market;
2016--released the very first rugged tablet vkworld V6 and planned to join exhibitions all over the world... 

About The Future:
In order to stand out in the fierce smartphone market and provide better products for customers, we will spare no effort to innovate, to cultivate and to motivate the company and our staff. With tremendous supports for all over the world, we firmly believe that we can bring more and more terrific products and services to more and more people. Under the background of E-commerce and globalization, we will seize every possible opportunity, spread our wings and soar in the sky of smartphone market.  


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